Clapham Junction Station & Towers

Delancey PLC

156,000 sq.ft. Retail; 556 Units Residential

London, UK

Retail, Transportation & Residential

Proposed Renovation & New-Build

Unrealized (2006-2008)

Working closely with developers and expert consultants, Michael Donaldson was the Project Leader for a proposed refurbishment of the busiest train station in the U.K. and a member of the project team working on the connecting twin-towers/retail mixed-use scheme. This project was amongst the highest profile revitalization proposals in the U.K. at the time. Consultations were carried out with various stakeholders, including Transport for London, The Greater London Authority, Wandsworth Council, CABE, English Heritage and Network Rail, to name just a few. The scheme was taken through various fully developed conceptual designs, as part of a detailed pro-forma and planning process.

 Project work was done by Michael Donaldson while in the employ of Collado Collins Architects.

Image: Collado Collins Architects 2007