Physical/Building Condition Assessments

Various, Multiple

2,000 – 1,000,000 sq. ft.

Various Locations, Canada

Commercial Retail & Office, Residential

Physical Condition Assessments

2012 - Current; Ongoing

DWA provides support to specialized (engineering and real estate) consulting firms to visit and assess the condition of residential, commercial, office and retail properties. These reports are useful in understanding the potential costs of buying, selling and capital expenditure planning for both large and small facilities. Our experienced eye can provide insight into risks and opportunities that may be missed by other types of professionals who provide more broad assessments. Our contribution to these studies typically includes sections relating to building code, accessibility, building functionality, passive fire protection and interior finishes. Beyond the scope of BCA reports, DWA also contributes to the actual implementation of maintenance, upgrade and repair projects for many buildings, which gives us a very complete picture of the real estate market, current practices and the realities of renovation. We understand the tight schedule of major transactions and the urgency of planning capex and maintenance budgets.

Image: Design Workshop Architects 2016