Pine Valley Pedestrian Bridges

The Municipal Infrastructure Group (TMIG)

Two bridges, each over 200m long

Vaughan, Ontario


Design Options for Two New Pedestrian Bridges

Completed 2017

As part of a major municipal storm water management and water infrastructure project, DWA assisted with preparation of design options for two very long pedestrian bridges crossing the flood plain of a small creek that forms part of the watershed of the Humber River, just east of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Vaughan. Work included participating in meetings and proposing options for improving the bridges with the City of Vaughan and the larger engineering team, led by The Municipal Infrastructure Group (TMIG) and LEA Consulting. Numerous study options were prepared, building off of the already established structural design for the bridge. The final design was refined with technical input from DWA, and included changes to the lookout points and guardrails. The bridges were completed in 2017.

Image: Design Workshop Architects 2016