The Devonian Gardens

The City of Calgary Parks

105,000 sq.ft.

Calgary, Canada

City Park & Retail

Building Envelope Replacement & Interior Renovation

Completed 2012

This 2.4 acre indoor City of Calgary park offers a revitalized civic space in the heart of the city for year-round use. With lush tropical plantings, event spaces, water features and provisions for a fine-dining restaurant, the rejuvenated gardens, located on the fourth floor of a busy shopping mall, are once again a popular meeting place and destination in Downtown Calgary. Along with the CORE mall project, the refurbishment of the gardens is part of a larger regeneration strategy for the downtown business district. Michael Donaldson was the project architect (while in the employ by McKinley Burkart Architecture) and led the design of a new fully-glazed high-performance building envelope, the interior architectural spaces and a complex redundant waterproofing system. He was also responsible for consultant coordination, working drawing production, and contract administration over a 2½ year period. 

The park was designed by the consultant team of Janet Rosenberg & Associates Landscape Architects, McKinley Burkart Architecture and MMC Architects; CA was completed by Design Workshop Architects, under sub-contract to McKinley Burkart.

Image: Michael Donaldson 2011; Chris Royer / Ellis Don 2010