Vernon Civic Centre

The City of Vernon

45,000 sq.f.t

Vernon, Canada

Civic / Institutional (library, offices, gallery)

Renovation and New Build

Completed 2008 (unrealized)

A design proposal for a major renovation and addition to an existing complex in the centre of this attractive, small city nestled in the Okanagan Valley, the proposed 45,000 sq.ft. addition was to add a five-storey office block which would connect to the existing single storey library. An art gallery with climate-controlled vaults, offices and exhibition spaces was planned as well: a new locus for Vernon’s vibrant arts community. Documentation was produced through the end of Schematic Design and included numerous consultations with stakeholders, programming exercises and the preparation of high-quality rendering and support materials, which allowed the town to proceed with the investigation of funding options.

* Project work was done by Michael Donaldson while in the employ of Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc.

Image: Diamond Schmitt Architects 2007