Wembley Forum House

Quintain Estates & Development PLC

260,000 sqft.

London, UK

Mixed Use; Residential


Completed 2008

The first residential project in the vast master-planning scheme for the London district of Wembley, this project was the flagship for the masterplan and set the standard for new, large-scale, low-rise, residential construction in West London. With a complex mix of tenure types, each with different guiding standards, this 286 unit building sits adjacent to historic Wembley Arena, and shares a service space with the concert venue. This building is eight storeys high, primarily residential with a mixed-use component of live-work and retail units along the base and comprised of a multitude of different apartment types. Michael Donaldson acted as Job Captain, directing a team of drafters and architects on working drawing production on behalf of the project architect.

 Project work was done by Michael Donaldson while in the employ of PRP Architects.

Image: Kin-Wan Lee 2007