Residential Projects

Custom homes, multi-family residences.

Home is the place where people most intimately interact with design. Whatever the scale, residential projects must manage successively quieter thresholds between the public world and the privacy of a home. Our experience in housing development projects in Canada and the UK, from small multi-unit homes (4+ units) to urban-scale, mixed use projects (200+ units), gives us the confidence to be creative in realizing the full value and opportunities in a site. We are strategic in addressing the different programming and budget needs of varied types of ownership and tenure, including rental, private purchase and social housing, and we offer a refreshing blend of design sophistication and technical knowledge to help you meet development milestones.

On the smaller scale of a private home, we work to interpret your family’s tastes, needs and values. It takes care and empathy to come to an understanding of what will work for each individual household and making sure that there is a good fit between the designer and client is the first important step in the process of building a new private home.